Rome, 14 December 2015 – Marco Simone Golf & Country Club is the official hosting venue of Ryder Cup 2022. The assignment of the tournament to Italy and Rome is a significant success achieved by the Italian government and in particular by the support of the Italian premier Matteo Renzi, Coni and its president Giovanni Malagò, the Italian Golf Federation led by Franco Chimenti and Marco Simone Golf & Country Club with its president Laura Biagiotti and vice president Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna. In addition, a special support was given by important entrepreneur groups coupled with professionals in sport disciplines and in life. Marco Simone Golf & Country Club is an ambitious project created in the late 1980s by the fashion designer/entrepreneur Laura Biagiotti with the aim to transform 150 hectars of the Roman country in 27 spectacular golf holes surrounding Marco Simone castle with its antique tower of the year 1000.

The Golf Club offers numerous views of St. Peter’s dome. Marco Simone Golf & Country Club also hosted the Italian open in 1994. Great satisfaction for Franco Chimenti (President of Italian Golf Federation): “A new era for the Italian golf is about to begin. The assignment of Ryder Cup in Italy leads our country to the international and exclusive golf. The beauty of Rome and the strong appeal for tourists have surely been strong elements on our side. Of course not of less importance is the location of Marco Simone Golf Club, which is just a few miles from the city center, added to the beautiful golf course with technical features which will be improved and enhanched with a restyling. The presence of Biagiotti family has been of extreme relevance for the nomination, giving the example of the victorious made in Italy.”
– “My daughter Lavinia and I, are proud and happy to host for the first time in Italy Ryder Cup, the third most popular sport event in the world, followed by an audience of two billion people. This extraordinary opportunity was made possible thanks to the great commitment and vision of the Chairman of Italian Golf Federation, Franco Chimenti, and of the Coni ‘s Chairman*, Giovanni Malagò”, affirms Laura Biagiotti.