La Scala Cordonata del Campidoglio

"The prestigious Cordonata Staircase on the Capitoline Hill is very important to me because it takes us back in time when the hourglass of the Eternal City flowed at its own pace, which is like no other place." Laura Biagiotti

In 1998 Laura Biagiotti, through the sponsorship of her fragrances ROMA and ROMA UOMO, restored the Cordonata staircase on the Capitoline Hill. Designed by Michelangelo in 1536, this monumental work of art is considered the heart of Rome. The painstaking restoration project, which lasted 9 months and also included the statues of the Dioscuri and the Trophies of Marius on the southern side of the square, gave these magnificent Michelangelo’s works back to their ancient splendor. Laura Biagiotti, who has always been a patron of the arts, decided to sponsor the restoration of several symbols to preserve and enhance their allure, thereby allowing future generations to continue to enjoy the atmospheres and masterpieces of our artistic and cultural heritage.