Laura Biagiotti amidst fashion and art at NATION OF FASHION, Italian fashion icons on show at Krasny Oktyabr

Laura Biagiotti, a global emblem of Italian excellence, takes part in an exhibition which includes a tribute to her career in fashion. The NATION OF FASHION exhibition, open 7-26 November 2012, pays homage to fashion genius and expertise – characteristics and qualities which underpin the success of the Made in Italy brand that has led that particular style and that unmistakeable aesthetic taste to worldwide success.

Until 6 January 2013 the city of Moscow hosts Exhibitaly-Eccellenze italiane d’oggi (Exhibitaly-Italian Excellence Today), a world-class programme promoting leading sectors in Italian economics, research and innovation. An “Italian place” especially created in one of the most fashionable and central locations in Moscow, Krasny Oktyabr hosts four months of exhibitions, events and conferences aimed at showcasing not only Italy’s traditions and great culture, but also the vibrancy and modernity of contemporary Italy. The programme is promoted by the President’s Office of the Council of Ministers to mark the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, in association with the Ministry for Economic Development, the Ministry for Culture, the Italian International Trade Agency (ICE) and the Committee for the 2011 Year of Italian Culture and Language in Russia; and is supervised in Moscow by the Italian Embassy.

The nobility of Laura Biagiotti’s hallmark white reaches perfection in her interpretation of luxury cashmere embroidered with iridescent stones, imbuing it with true elegance. Indeed The New York Times dubbed Biagiotti the “Cashmere Queen”.
The Laura Biagiotti designs on display include a reversible cashmere coat with iridescent-stone embroidery in a diamond-and-cable pattern and a Queen Anne collar, cashmere gloves, cavallino leather shoes with tassels; all from the Laura Biagiotti Autumn Winter Collection for 2012/2013.
From the Laura Biagiotti DOLLS collection: cashmere sweater with a cable pattern embroidered with glass beads, multilayer tulle skirt with appliquéd glass beads, cashmere gloves embroidered with glass beads, suede and fur boots with a rhinestone logo motif.
Concluding, Laura Biagiotti devotes a few special words to the wondrously skilful Italian hands which have made our country great: “I’d like especially to mention the phenomenon of the Made in Italy brand, a sector in which I, through my company, have worked for nearly 50 years. Throughout its history, Italy has been a nation of diversity and yet there has always been something which distinguished the people who make up the human wealth of our country and the history behind it. That something is the quality of our work. Quality which translated into spearheading new directions in the sciences, philosophy and physics. Quality which has each time taken the form of innovation in the world view, in knowledge of the universe, in the creative presentation of beauty. A form of beauty which is not only an imitation and transfiguration of the human figure and Nature, but also a manifestation of the harmony of physical laws and mathematical relations. Great expressions in the arts and philosophy are the hallmarks of a country which has always made with intelligence, planning, creativity and a great deal of work, the things that Nature did not bestow on us. The Made in Italy brand epitomises the image of a positive Italy, a success factor, attributable to the originality, specificity and flexibility of Italian manufacturing, which is a cornerstone and asset of our nation”.