Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti’s Dolls meet Barbapapa: two fantastic worlds creating a new, entertaining, fashion fairytale! Barba–Winter has never been so special!

The legendary family of Barbapapa is the star of the Laura Biagiotti Dolls collection for Fall/Winter 2011-12. Three-dimensional garments celebrate the cartoon and the power of imagination, transforming for different uses just like the Barbapapa family that turns into flowers, hearts, alphabet letters, and so much more! As oversized embroidery in relief or hidden details on denim and fleece, the whole Barbapapa family can be found on outfits of the Dolls that come in three vibrant colors of the brand – white, red, and black. Barbapapa turns into a heart that brightens a striped sweater and jersey T-shirts. Barbamama, with a crown of sequin flowers, is the main theme for tops, mini-dresses, and T-shirts worn with white, black, and red striped Lurex leggings. Barbabeau, the artist of the clan, is embroidered on cashmere pullovers and sporty-chic chenille. Must-haves for next season are cashmere arm warmers, which are to be worn with pullovers, coats, and jackets. A shower of sparkling black sequins embellishes cashmere cardigans, shorts, and balloon miniskirts.
The Dolls wear patent leather hiking boots in red and black and trimmed with sequins.

The Laura Biagiotti Dolls and Laura Biagiotti Baby collections will be at Pitti Immagine Bimbo from January20 to 23 in the Laura Biagiotti Dolls space – Main Pavilion – Ground Floor E/1-5.