Penelope Cruz wears Laura Biagiotti in Venuto al Mondo-Twice Born

Penelope Cruz wears Laura Biagiotti fashions in Sergio Castellitto’s film Venuto al mondo (Born Twice), which is due for release on 8 November 2012 and is titled Twice Born in English. Based on Margaret Mazzantini’s book of the same title, the film reunites Penelope Cruz and Sergio Castellitto after the success of Non ti muovere.

A modern novel narrating the adventure of Gemma and Diego, a love story about wild young adults who meet again in the present day, aged in a recent postwar period. A love story that started at the 1984 Winter Olympics; impassioned and imperfect like all true loves. It is also a story of motherhood – sought after, denied, redressed. Of peace and war. The siege of Sarajevo becomes the siege of each character in this story of non-heroes who history throws into a destiny that seems to be lying in wait for them like a sniper. A novel that is a world in itself, ethically committed, as disconcerting as a thriller, as emblematic as a parable.

In several scenes in the film, Penelope Cruz wears cashmere clothes in the neutral shades of the Laura Biagiotti collection.