MISTERO DI ROMA is the new fragrance from Laura Biagiotti, created in the wake of the great success of Laura Biagiotti ROMA, which has been an international classic for more than 20 years. Laura Biagiotti MISTERO DI ROMA is inspired by classicism and eternity, immersing us in an atmosphere charged with passion and mystery. It celebrates femininity as a set of timeless values combined with the more seductive side of a modern woman. In the same way as the classic ROMA, Laura Biagiotti MISTERO DI ROMA was born from the love-filled gaze which strays over the Eternal City, a sentimental journey between classic art and contemporary frisson. The character of Rome is indelibly stamped on the mists of time and hidden aspects of constant evolution are revealed. With the creation of ROMA, in 1988, Laura Biagiotti managed to encapsulate the enchantment and romanticism of the city in a perfume, with an inspired olfactory composition which captures the emotions of the beauty of the places and the millennial history of its ruins. The Laura Biagiotti MISTERO DI ROMA bottle design builds on the classic ROMA bottle, representing an ancient Roman column. However, it is more refined, using new materials and new colours with an increased transparency. At the thicker base, there is an intense shade of Pompeian red which gradually becomes lighter higher up the bottle towards the top.