Le Fontane di Piazza Farnese

 “I am proud and very pleased to have contributed, through my Roma and Roma Uomo fragrances, to the restoration of two artistic monuments of my city: the two fountains of Piazza Farnese, which have regained their spirit and vigor and where the continuity of tradition can count on projects like this that connect the ancient past and our modern world. The "fashion-culture" connection that I have promoted for many years acquires more significance every day, and it has rediscovered a very important purpose that was once interpreted by great Renaissance families: being a patron of the arts. I thought it was important to uphold that tradition and moral inheritance while updating its content. Giving back to Rome a significant part of its "dowry" was a great source of enrichment for me." Laura Biagiotti  

It took more than 5,000 hours for the restoration technicians and experts to return the two fountains of Piazza Farnese to their former glory. The restoration work, which took place in 2007, involved cleaning the granite fountains and the Medici "lily" at their center, removing the limescale and vegetal deposits, and consolidating the decohesive areas and fractured sections with techniques designed to fight the effects of urban smog.