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I wear WOOD

Is the new Laura Biagiotti Eyewear collection made in wood, inspired by the ecofriendly theme of the Design Week which recalls nature never forgetting about style. The sunglasses WOOD are the new symbol of “green design” signed Laura Biagiotti, which has always had high environmentalist ethics.




Is Laura Biagiotti’s motto for the BIO collection.
The BIO sunglasses are made in Mazzucchelli’s organic plastic M49, innovative material with a formulation made exclusively of materials obtained by recycled sources.
M49 is 100% an ecofriendly material, all recyclable and biodegradable which keeps all the exterior features and performance of the traditional acetate.
The frames of the collection sunglasses BIO, present particular shapes and chooses luminous tones on the sidepieces with contrasting colors on the endings, which represent the distinctive sign of all Laura Biagiotti’s collection Eywear ‘BIO’.

eyewear bio


The collection ‘Laura Biagiotti Eyewear’ is inspired to geometry and reinterprets a hexagon for a contemporary but still classic look. It’s an elegant accessorize which stands out for its unique Biagiotti’s style.

eyewear exagon