Laura Biagiotti wears Cicciobello Fashion Walk

Laura Biagiotti has joyfully joined the initiative promoted by Vogue Children and Giochi Preziosi creating a capsule fashion winter collection for the last baby born Cicciobello. With other international fashion designers, Laura Biagiotti has created 5 looks for Cicciobello. This project is called “styled for winter” and will be exclusively sold on from January 22nd . The profit will be entirely raised for charity, supporting the association “Child Priority”.

Laura Biagiotti has designed iconic pieces for Cicciobello: snow white cashmere pullovers, tricot twists, soft and comfortable hats and tartan shorts. Cashmere is definitely the main character of the capsule collection of the designer.
Laura Biagiotti has always been close to kids starting with her collection Laura Biagiotti Dolls and also by contributing in successful limited editions of toy brands.