“Il faut cultiver notre jardin” Voltaire


A garden: an optimist and gentle vision of life and fashion that is, and will remain, a daily expression of beauty. It is a garden to be sowed and cultivated, which talks about small and personal secrets that are hidden in each and every woman, together with the conscious perception of contemporaneity, made of ROOTS and respect. It is the rediscovery of the beauty of self-cultivating in nature and in art, in human relations and in everyday life, in fashion, in music and in everything that can turn into a source of regeneration and happiness. Therefore, let’s choose Voltaire’s “Candide” from the bookshelf and let’s open the wardrobe, which talks about new seasons to come. The new Enlightenment of fashion is on show at the Piccolo Theatre!

It is the motto of the collection, which is also printed on the “talking scarfs”, which fuse together the logo and the logos. Yet, it is also a distinctive element of the Brand, which operates with natural fabrics and has always invested in what is GREEN.
ROOTS and RECYCLING are found in the recovered cashmere INTEGRAL SHIRT, in the braids of tradition or the total, plain simplicity of ankle-length sheath dresses, or pullovers that embrace the silver lunar reflections and a fur coat that is not simply ecological but entirely BIODEGRADABLE.
There is the order and symmetry of an Italian-style Renaissance garden, but also the researched natural disorder of the English countryside with all the range of colours of the earth and all the shades of green, from the blossoming tones to the more relaxing, autumn ones. Lastly, we see warm colours in the ribbed velvets for coats, gilets and quilted jackets, which play on Male/Female dynamics.

The Biagiotti “Bambole” blossom like prints, sculptures and are three dimensional. The iconic LB monogram bag becomes spacious and impermeable for everyday adventures, and is ever more mini and precious for evenings.
We follow the flow of the seasons and the cycle of light in devoré velvets: from the triumph of solar colours to the shadows of the night. We are narrating a story whose scent doesn’t last only a single season but lasts “Forever” with the objective of recovering, preserving and passing on a wardrobe from mother to daughter. A harmony, which detaches itself from the logics of having everything immediately and which points towards a solidity, an attention, a know-how and dampens the consumeristic anxieties we have today. The shoulders are broad, a metaphor for female solidity, but also a gesture of affectionate kindness in the same way a man’s coat embraces the thin silhouette of a woman.

After allLavinia Biagiotti emphasises, “I live and work in the Roman countryside surrounded by the boundless green of the Marco Simone Golf Club, which will host the RYDER CUP in 2022, in a historical and “cultivated”, private and international place, among CULTURE and NATURE, a combination, which, in the end, is the trademark for Made in Italy. Furthermore, talking about Italian excellences, it is a huge privilege to be able to showcase at the Piccolo Theatre in Milan. The sustainability of a connection that has endured for 22 years made of creativity and experimentation, the same that can be seen on stage with the backdrop of Marivaux’s “Triumph of Love”, represented at the Piccolo in 1989”.

Pat and Anna Cleveland will be present on the catwalk for the first time together at the Milan Fashion Week, interpreting the message of a family story and a connection between generations dedicated to the cultivation of fashion, art and culture.

Sports caps and fan club scarfs: we’re all cheering together for Italian fashion!

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