Laura Biagiotti Eyewear

Eyeglasses and sunglasses are “indispensable” accessories for all women.
We are happy to announce the collaboration with Demenego Group, noted experts in the sector, who will be exclusively involved in the worldwide production and distribution of Laura Biagiotti eyeglasses and sunglasses. Laura Biagiotti with its new Eyewear line is committed to bringing originality, elegance and ultra comfort in style with the brand values.

Laura Biagiotti FW 22.23

Laura Biagiotti’s F/W 2023 collection stages the Energy of Beauty in motion in the fascinating and evocative Centrale Montermartini, which today is one of the most innovative museum in Rome. Being and becoming, the ancient and the contemporary, suggest a new synthesis, a new harmony.
Pendant earrings and trilogies of rings reproduce the Roman columns, cashmere and mosaic tribute to Rome embellish scarves and the iconic LB BAGS.”

The iconic LB BAGS

The LB BAG, a staple for the Biagiotti Women, created to add something extraordinary to everyday life.

W l’Italia!

Iconic capsule collection tribute to Italy, to the beauty of our country and the strength of Made in Italy.
The Biagiotti story the first brand to bring the italian flag on the catwalk with the italian sport champions,, is a family story story of love for our beautiful Italy.

Laura Biagiotti SS 22
Flower print explosion

Prints are an explosion of energy.. Fields of flowers embellish bags and accessories of the new collection

Laura Biagiotti SS 22
Reinventing the Universe

The LB BAG, a staple for the Biagiotti Women, created to add something extraordinary to everyday life.

Laura Biagiotti SS 22
Futurballa takeover

The Futurist prints reproduce the «Skecth for a scarf with lines» of 1930 by Giacomo Balla, one of the Master’s works belonging to the Biagiotti-Cigna Foundation.

Laura Biagiotti Parfums

Adding something extraordinary to everyday life and making it last over time, this is the philosophy of the brand that inspired all Laura Biagiotti fragrances. Values, feelings, emotions and stories that stop time and make it unique.

Perfume is the garment of the soul.
Laura Biagiotti